Archetypal Architecture

©2006 by Anthony S. Wright


I spend my days attending to, playing with, and creating invisible architecture. It cannot be seen in the normal sense, but this architecture can be heard. And it isn't listened to much, out of the total of the day. Yet this architecture, this tensioned architecture, influences the environment. Sound attunes and entrains as far as it penetrates. Through volumes, and solids, and imaginations.

And there is a psychic music. That penetrates into the walls, the floor, the furniture, the human body. Emanates from the human body, as an archetypal heterodyne within a hologram.

Everything absorbs it and is affected by it. And there is an interaction.

With tuning, tension is managed. The function of a well tuned instrument is generative, and obtains far beyond normal expectation.

Transparency is possible.

What is it that is tuned? Attitude would be too limiting a word. The soul, or perhaps the portal of being that might be tuned, through tempering of archetypes.

I listened to a radio show on emergence a couple of days ago, and this property of emergence seemed to catch an essential point. That of immediacy and emergence. Emerg-ency. Without the urgency. Completely attending in this moment. Death is here, and life after death. Where you are not you, anymore.

Attuning to the moment. An old story. And yet to attend to the criteria of the portal that is you. Being true to self. And yet what is the conscious self?

This brings us to personal metaphysics. How have you decided to be you? What filters and investments are you carrying around with your identity? I'm continually discovering them, mine, and ours. Part of the tuning discipline. Keeping track of transactions. The hysteresis of the system. The archetypal sonances.

One of the ways I discover what needs attention, are the threads of sonance I happen to trip over. So I follow them back, to where some original decision I made left the thread hanging out. Made a sort of topography. Sometimes it takes a while to climb, or to chisel through. Choices at those levels, for focus, commit, release, and wonder.

I suppose a more accurate way to put it is finding 'myself' traveling through a hologram. Molecularly, if not in a photonic fashion.

And it is in the attending to the sonances of the hologram, and the tempering of archetypes, that facilitates transparency, to the level to which one attends. And the attending in fluidity of emergence itself, facilitates the tuning and play with the archetypal temperament. Choice after choice after choice.

I'm continually discovering new resonances. Momentums. Ways to attend. Configuring awareness to simultaneously penetrate and embrace a way of knowing. Perhaps this is the Tantra. What does the moment want?

So I suppose you could say that I'm making love when I (at)tune. Making love in building invisible architecture. Making love sound.

I like to explore. To investigate. To attend. Which means to track. To make love by tracking and attending. As a theoretician, to track the patterns that emerge from the infinite. To modulate and be modulated by these patterns, through simultaneous and synchronous participation. The glowing architecture in emergence. Falling in love with emergence itself. Finding Infinite Love here. The vital moment.

This glowing topography, where conscious awareness meets an infinity- a fractal boundary (being that you don't know where you leave off and infinity begins). A curious notion, that. For that very fact, of not knowing where you leave off and the other begins, is a direct multidimensional clue, of a deeper awareness. Individual resonances in the same media. Radio friends are like that. Sound acquaintances.

But back to the glowing topography. The edge of consciousness. That you, as an individuation happen to know. And yet, how do we know?

You may attempt to identify with something external, only. Without realizing how that externality itself, can lead you into something much deeper. Skin on a body. A most important organ. An interface. What is the skin of your mind? Is there such a thing?

An integument. A series of decisions, actually, that serve to contain; and yet in containing they limit.

How they are a fractal interface. Of awareness. Scintillating fractal awareness. Between 'you' and infinity. The gateless gate. Where do 'you' begin? How have you decided? And more importantly, how will you decide?

I'd like to invite you to return to that interface of the decision series, and take a good look at, really hear out, get in touch with the process, the how of your interface.

I wonder if you've ever thought about your being, this way; as an attuned resonance.

You may say, 'the decisions of my interface process are other than mine to make'. Yet is that really true? What will it be like, when you take back the authority to re-decide about your own inter-face?

Pretty interesting. Lots of things you can re-decide. And other than in a way that is ignor-ant of the natural unfolding of, the emergence of being. In the most synchronous way. For isn't it all actually synchronous? Maybe its that we happen to notice sometimes what is happening actually all the time? At the point of iterating, of unfolding, of emerging.

There isn't any time there. Hear we all are. Auditioning. In emergence. And what is it, and how is it that hearing happens? Curiouser and curiouser.

I wonder, sometimes, how some of the classical writers will invite an idea to show itself, but only on it's own terms. And what the writer has to do is to make a lake, make an ocean, in which the idea will swim to the surface when it happens to feel like it. All the writer can do is to continue to attend to the ocean. Sometimes the ideas will swirl towards the surface, and sometimes they will stay submerged; but you know that they're there, only taking their time in making their way to the upper reaches where they can be seen, before diving to the depths, some never to be seen again, and some to return repeatedly to the surface, to become known. Yet all a living resonance, in which all are present, whether at the surface or dissolved.