The most well-spent

I heard earlier tonight a commentary about how trees have a molecule in their sap that is nearly the same as our hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the molecule that helps us bind the oxygen out of the air to vitalize our cells. Where the flowers have bees, we have trees. The trees take the CO2 that we breathe out in as nourishment that fulfills them, and they exhale oxygen that nourishes us…

And I sense that this is true of our true friends. This is how we nourish one another, as part of our whole being.

Bravely do we carry through as we find ourselves cleansed by the fires of circumstance.

New Moon in Virgo tomorrow- and everyone is concerned for details, yet the Few of Us find the details to serve Us in the mounting wave, of shifts in consciousness-

We’ll never be the same, coming to this realization; from having been separated and alone… with the darkest places now flooded with startling awareness…

How can I help? It seems that many have been so fearful and consumed- it is such a short step to giving up who we thought we were- though one of the most difficult.

There is an enlightened evangelist who said the evangelistic movement needed to be ‘born-again!’ (Richard Cizik [interview with Terry Gross on “Fresh Air”])

This being born-again is to allow the rigidity of egoic structures to fall away in the context of the sacred. It is truly a surrender- and to trust our own lives. Which happened at one time for many, if not all, in the ‘born-again’ movement, in their initial realization that they were both less than and more than who they thought they were, but they forgot they had to continually be born again (it is an ongoing process!)- one of the embedded and presuppositional structures within the very movement itself.

It is the continual shedding of “ego.” Which process, when abandoned part-way, leads to a worse enslavement of ideology, than if there had never been a first stripping away of the ego in the first place. Those who stop part-way become stuck, rigid, in their partial cognitive comprehension of what they think had happened. Standing on the river-bank with a small cup of water in-hand (some trying to sell it!), rather than diving in to the river on whose banks they stand.

Alan Watts had it right- when he said that those who had initially had this experience and had not completely shed the allurement of the ego, found that they attempted to gain status by having been more Worthy of The Love of God by having been Greater Sinners than anyone else. Which is the ego game all over again, but in a negative sense. Mid-western Lutherans have this down to a Fine Art.

The Buddhists call this “chains of gold,” (of having ego about being “enlightened,”) versus “chains of iron,” which are from those who have not yet realized that they are other than separate.

I interviewed a guy a couple of years ago who was so proud that he had meditated an hour a day for the last 40 years. Actually, the goal of meditation is not about how many years one has meditated; it’s about quieting the mind- and the fact that he had such pride in it, was a clear indication to me, despite how much monetary wealth he had accumulated, that he was caught- by those “chains of gold.” “My mind is quieter than yours!”

The King’s son, Gautama Shakyamuni, died penniless.

I do truly seek to impart value to our human life, and that implicitly and explicitly implies that there is breakthrough to be made. That value is independent of the conveyance of value, which has been horribly manipulated.

The true value is to know how we are one being, in the most literal sense- and the time we spend discovering this is the most well-spent.

©2011 Anthony S. Wright, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved.

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