None-the-less True

I was with a good and trusted friend tonight, who said: “is there anything I fear, or anything I desire?” If there were, my friend would discard them, and be free. We talked about being in the present moment, moment after moment- and how loving and being completely open to receive love was the most important thing in our lives.

I went to visit her on her invitation to talk when I was feeling quite vulnerable. As she and I talked, it became clear that it was the same thing that was being talked about, which is not able to be talked about…

That’s the problem, to put into words what we know unequivocably, which then loses some truth when put into words. But words are all we have- well, words and music- and music helps to a remarkable degree to communicate the non-cognitive.

Yet the mystics and “ascended masters” understood, more than we do, perhaps, at present, how words might be all we have to pass on to future thoughtful people- And we ponder- how is it possible to pass on the accumulated wisdom of those who have come before us?

Its all there, plain as day. With certain presuppositions, the sacred verses fall open, like ripe fruit. That analogy is a bit banal, I admit, yet perhaps none the less accurate.

We are challenged, in this moment, to come to know what can be known- beyond thought-

I know, this is all over the internet. Yet here is the difference. It is to surrender to what we, each of us, already knew, already know, in our very vital existence, what is true.

Lots and lots of bullshit and confidence games out there- and the Endless instructions: check it with yourself, to see if it has any meaning to you. Only then, said Gautama, ought we to invest. Not because of Him, but because of us.

Ok. Time to turn inward. Checking, and checking- what is it that I know to be true? This, and that, and that. Yet beyond a certain place, I find that I am unable to take thinking, and this is the very threshold that is the very first step in self-transcendence.

Opening and opening and opening. Surrender. These are ancient exhortations, though you may be reading them for the first time. Whether or not that may be the case, the tenets are none-the-less true. Stay tuned for the next step.

©2011 Anthony S. Wright, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved.

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