Making the Invisible Beautiful

For most of my professional life, my passion has been to make the invisible beautiful. To practice the art of developing, structuring, and minutely adjusting relationships. Sometimes these relationships are under great tension, and my art is to help make those relationships sing. The intention is that they sing together to the point where a deep and resonant flow state can spontaneously happen, between and within all who are involved. I am as comfortable and pragmatic about working with people in this way as I am from 44 years of experience of tuning a piano. So that the instrument falls away and only the invisibility and flow of great richness and beauty under tension of many individuals is present.

Ebola. ISIS. Afghanistan. Income disparity. Political polarization. Student loan debt. Adjunct anxiety before tenure. Emergency lockdowns. Apathy and ignorance. It seems that everywhere one turns, fear and anxiety are lurking. This is surely the case if one chooses to focus only on the numerous surface messages of what is going on in the world that are offered to snatch at and capture the attention. Certainly one must be on guard and entirely practical in response. Yet there is also a deeper way to orient oneself.

If one looks for them, the patterns in human life are discernable. These patterns in ourselves and others can be mindfully shaped and developed and deepened. In practicing together, with kindred spirits in good faith, a multidimensional group consciousness emerges that has a wisdom beyond any single member of the group. With particular care and attention, colleagues, students, and community, beyond their immediate awareness of it, can reflect a deepened, compassionate, and ethical involvement in the world.

©2014 Anthony S. Wright, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved.

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