Have patience with it.

Expand your awareness beyond yourself as an individual. Attend to how the Self fits in to the Whole Pattern so that the perceived disharmony at the level of the self is really only an expression of the pattern.

So that when you engage with the pattern and allow the pattern to healthfully emerge in the moment, the self is carried along as if surfing in a flow- So that the dis-harmonies that were initially perceived as difficulties, resolve themselves. And the self is yet only a modality for attending to other points of Self in the most loving way. Things that come up (in daily life) you deal with from the larger perspective- in kindness, patience, and compassion.

And wait for the openings to occur that allow a real communication to happen (between elements of the Self). And when that happens, the whole Pattern relents and resolves…

©2011 Anthony S. Wright, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved.

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