To leap anyway

It’s so interesting how our transactions with one another shape our perceptions, not only of who the other is, but of ourselves. A sudden glance, a touch of fingertips, a mistaken perception of the other- all play to our perception of how we perceive our lives to be unfolding.

Much of our perception has been shown by neurologists to be a function of not only our conditioning, but of our unconscious preferences and biases. We jump to conclusions without sufficient data all the time, and construct meanings where there is no logical basis for such constructs to be supported- and even as they fall away, we make new ones to accommodate the falling away of the structures we so blithely thought were reality, until the next reality we have constructed presents itself finally to our limited conscious awareness.

Some of us, as I have said in an earlier posting, will attempt to cling with limbic ferocity, to those constructs we have made, sometimes in concert with others. Others will allow the constructs to gracefully fall away, until we stand naked, at the brink of wisdom and death in the next moment.

Then to plunge over the ever present cliff- which represented what we thought we knew- into the unknown, to be caught again and again, by what we know not, but have hopefully by now, come to trust that we will be caught and lovingly held- though it’s so difficult, sometimes, to look over the precipice,  and see the hard,  stony ground so far below,  and to leap anyway.

©2011 Anthony S. Wright, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved.

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